PREMIERE: Tin Can Radio make an impressive comeback on Blind Paradise

You have to love musical dichotomy. Especially in an environment where the digital landscape has blow the flood gates wide open when it comes to finding new music to wrap your ears around. That’s not a bad thing at all, who doesn’t want access to more amazing choons? But with so much noise to contend with it’s understandable that many musos may feel at a loss on how to be noticed.

Fucking shit up stirring the pot is your answer. Think about it; you can so rarely attribute just the one genre to any artist these days. Musicians constantly have to push their craft and incorporate more sounds into their repertoire to stand out, and we’re all better off for it. Case in point, look no further than Blind Paradise from Tin Can Radio.

Tin Can Radio premiere

Brisbane boys Tin Can Radio make an impressive comeback on Blind Paradise. It’s been two long years but the band have returned and are ready to rock.

For those of you scratching your head at the name, don’t fret, it means you’re well versed in the history of Australian alternative rock. Tin Can Radio were born in the late 2000s following on from an era of Aussie bands born of punk and prog rock who dealt in layered guitars and soaring vocals. They’ve had two EP’s released since their formation in 2009 and after a lengthy two year break are back with some fresh new tunes. Blind Paradise is the first cut of their forthcoming EP Mosaic and is sure to not leave fans disappointed.

There are a few differences when compared to their older work and it is fantastic to see the band evolve their sound like this. Not to say they were messing around before, but the band have refined their strengths and have certainly put their best foot forward with Blind Paradise. The guitar work is as consistent as ever. It sets the tone for the entire track, creeping about in all its glory in the verses before launching into a frenzy in the chorus. It’s that dichotomy that works so well here, the Jekyll and Hyde if you will. It gives the track plenty of grunt and drive whilst maintaining moments accentuated by peacefulness.

There’s a slight psych influence here which is quite welcome. Say what you will about the over-labelling of ‘psych’ to rock music but one would like to think the band have noted the change in the industry and have appropriated those sounds accordingly. It works to a tee, giving the song a little more dimension that was sometimes missing on their older tracks. The vocals are as airy as ever, but maintain a strong presence throughout Blind Paradise becoming the anchor point for the song as the other elements are left free to play. If the guitars were the soaring kite then the vox is the string keeping it steady.

Tin Can Radio are celebrating their return to the fold with a few shows in their native Queensaland, be sure to check out their socials for all the deets.

Friday June 26 – The Motor Room, Brisbane

Sunday June 28 – Sunhouse, Gold Coast

Friday July 3 – Sol Bar, Sunshine COast