We’ve got a Hunch that these Sydney guys are on to something

Sydney’s Hunch are mere fledglings, but this doesn’t take any credit away from the sound they’ve carefully refined and expressed in the three singles they’ve released so far. Self-described as “doom pop”, Hunch lie somewhere between a young, yet impressively heavy version of The Drones mixed with the accessible and pop-tinged sound of former Sydney band Ghostwood.


Sydney doom-pop four some Hunch are going places. Jump on the cool train early and thanks us later.

Haunting the inner-western suburbs of Sydney, the band formed out of a high school friendship between band leaders and shared vocalists and guitarists Hunter and Ruben. The pair later recruited Jimi and Jonny to play bass and drums after meeting through a rather awkward confrontation about one member making out with another’s ex girlfriend.

At this point the group have released three tracks; Close My Eyes, King Of The Living Room and Why Do I Smile Like This?, each touching on something different, however bound within a sound that uniquely defines the group. Close My Eyes was written by vocalist and guitarist Ruben, who is particularly great at seamlessly weaving narrative sensibilities into his rather bleak lyrics. “Won’t you tell me where to go I’m a dog sleeping under your bed / Just waiting for my orders ’til i drop dead”.

King Of The Living Room reels you in with a feedback soaked intro – the guitar topped up with a country twang. The vibe of the track is dissonant and delicious, and really reflects the musical looseness of The Drones. Word-smithing is definitely the bands forté: “Maybe it’s the fat little hooves on my paper/ the oink-oink ointment that soothes the meanings into letters”.

Finally, Why Do I Smile Like This?, while dissonant, is a four minute wonder of a tune, that has brought me back to these guys time and time again. The track strikes a chord with something raw, adolescent and mischievous, epitomised in the lyrics “I fall exactly where I wanted” screamed maniacally“.

If you’re in Sydney, you can catch them opening for Brisbane band Morning Harvey with The Jensens at Oxford Art Factory Gallery Bar on July 18. If not then their three tracks are available as a name your price download through their bandcamp page.