PREMIERE: Tobias Wonderdog unveil their dynamic debut EP ‘A Land Of Paper Chimneys’

It was last year, with the release of their debut single Not Bliss, that we were first introduced to the captivating sounds of Tobias Wonderdog. In an incredibly short amount of time, the Melbourne-based outfit have carved out a sound that feels simultaneously grounded and explorative; it’s grounded in alt-rock and country, but stretches into far wider sonic territories.

Now, with the release of their debut EP A Land Of Paper Chimneys, the band continue to establish their penchant for crafting truly dynamic and earnest gems of sound. If you’re not already listening to this band, we strongly recommend you change that now.

On their debut EP A Land Of Paper Chimneys, Melbourne-based outfit Tobias Wonderdog craft a captivating offering of genre-bending brilliance.

All throughout the new EP, Tobias Wonderdog blend elements of alt-rock, country, blues, and grunge to deliver a sound uniquely their own. With rich, textured instrumentation and gritty vocal hooks, A Land Of Paper Chimneys is packed with sonic energy.

Across its six-track duration (seven, if you include the remix of closing track Weatherman), the EP pulls in myriad sonic directions—it never sits in one place for too long. This, however, is the EP’s most endearing quality. One moment you’ll be floating through brooding alt melodies, and the next you’ll be getting slapped in the head by hard-hitting country-tinged rock n’ roll.

Lead single, and EP opener Not Bliss is a dark and slow-burning number, perfectly easing you into the sonic journey ahead. Empty Hand immediately showcases the musical diversity of the EP, flaunting percussive verses and truly memorable choruses. Mother Nature is the EP’s live centrepiece, giving a raw energy to the release.

By the time Weatherman reaches its conclusion, you’ll have been roped in completely by Tobias Wonderdog’s unique blend of sounds.

These still may be early days for this Melbourne outfit, but judging by the quality of everything you’ve heard so far, I think we can safely expect plenty more great tunes. In the meantime, do yourself a favour and listen to the new EP above.