PREMIERE: Torrey’s indie-rock LP ‘Something Happy’

Four-piece San Francisco band, Torrey, release a glistening LP, Something Happy, an infectiously joyous collection of tracks.

San Francisco band, Torrey, celebrate their chemistry with LP Something Happy, a literal scrumptious snack of delight.

Something Happy is the group’s debut record, ten-tracks of dreamy indie melodies, all with a beaming nostalgia that exhumes the feeling that you’re not alone.


Each track oozes with a floating sense of freedom, electric guitars and dreamlike vocals weaving effortlessly together like a trampoline.

As Screens ignites the daydreamy sound of Torrey’s LP, the listeners are grabbed by the legs and pulled into a pastel dripping wonderland.

Falling down the rabbit hole is Recycle, a slow-thumping beat that wraps around the waist with blooming vines. Torrey proves themselves to be the kind of summery group you play on repeat when driving to the beach.


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The group came together in remarkable circumstances – siblings, Ryann and Kelly Gonsalves form the first half.

Although the pair grew up with a shared love of music, they only began their collaboration very recently, exchanging voice memos and realising their potential to make music.

The siblings brought on friends; Eric Mohammed and Adam Honingford together creating the vibrant cereal bowl that is Torrey.

Something Happy is a celebration of the intimate trust and creative freedoms the group shares. Whilst the album beams in warm tones, there is also an underlying shadow within Kelly’s lyrics as Ryann sings in a comforting, gentle tone in Cold Snack. 

The sound bounces effortlessly in Torrey’s floating soundscape, with 90s Jam dancing in the sound waves, similar to the likings of Middle Kids and The Money War.

Ryann’s vocals sprinkle whimsically in the air, bursting in the harmonies of Something New. 

There is a recognition of the intimacy and trust the group shares: “We can make a pop song and then I can also be singing about my depression and we’re still having fun. It’s a good time” Ryann explains.

There is nothing insincere about Torrey’s Something Happy, the LP is a timeless vessel of escapism, one that we are lucky enough to have in our back pockets for a rainy day.

Check out Something Happy below: