PREMIERE: Under the Cut go one step further with their heartfelt new EP Intuition

Despite only breaking into the scene in 2016, Melbourne post punk band Under the Cut have gone under head first, already releasing a 7″ and a debut LP. Safe to say, they know how to make an entrance.

Cue their most recent release, a four track EP titled Intuition. A catalogue of their most personal moments, the band traverses living in society today, with vocalist Chris Dee directly touching upon his experiences as an openly gay man in the post punk scene.

Today, hear the EP and witness their brand new video Come Back.

under the cut premiere


As intriguing as it is refreshing, Under The Cut’s Intuition delivers a cohort of gripping stories you can’t help but become sucked into.

Intuition flickers between hard hitting romantic bangers and angsty fury. Tapping into both that yearning post punk sound and a grittier garage noise, very much their own Under the Cut deliver a unique sound with their influences crying out loud and clear.

You can’t miss the love for artists like Joy Division and a vocal infliction likened to that of Midnight Oil.

For a four track record Intuition doesn’t let any song slip under the radar, each tune ringing with punch and personality. Standouts are track two Come Back and track three My Love Letter, both aching with emotion and honesty. If you’re after the true sound of this band, then go here first.

Under the Cut, as mentioned before, are no strangers to shows and they have more coming up. Showcasing their record and celebrating its release, if you’re around The Old Bar in Melbourne on the 20th of January then you won’t have a boring night out.

With support from Cash, Summer Blood, Lubulwa, and The Sex Pills, it is sure to be and EP launch to remember.