Lov3sick release single “Its Bad”

Four-piece alternative rock band Lov3sick release Its Bad today. A gorgeous, dark and introspective tune that hits you in all the right places.

Hailing from the North side of Melbourne, the band has been steadily releasing singles, One More Time, Catch The Front Of A Train and You’re Alright. Mixing the elements of new wave and post-punk to create something immersive, deeply thoughtful, and brooding. Echoing the swooning stylings of the pop punk rock stylings of an era just passed. 

It’s Bad is the fourth single from the band and is an upbeat track featuring melodic guitars, mesmerizing synths and introspective lyrics. 

LOV3SICK  its bad video
Credit: LOV3SICK

The narrative follows the story of someone who is navigating a difficult situation but is ready to let go of something that is no longer working, which ultimately leads to a reflective place, which allows for clarity, and the realisation of how they got into the situation in the first place.  

The music video filmed in the inner North of Melbourne supplies a perfect visual marriage to the track. The burning of guitars and objects from the past make for a cathartic emotive watch. Allowing for a window into the band behind the music, is always a welcome sight, especially when it’s personal in nature, in this instance with an appearance or two from the resident cats of the house. 

The band also uses motifs that we have seen in other Lov3sick videos such as the use of books which we saw in their first music video One More Time. 

Lov3sick shares “This song has a sense of hope in it. It’s the end of the story (the last song on the concept EP) and in those last 30 seconds of the song, when the drums and everything speeds up, there’s a feeling of looking back at the journey and feeling at peace.”

This track will be the last single before the release of their highly anticipated debut EP, out later this year!

Watch Its Bad below:

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