PREMIERE: Urtekk drag you into the woods with their video for Pareidoila

The Woods are a mysterious place. Something strange always goes on in The Woods. The Blair Witch Project took place in The Woods, Bon Iver wrote For Emma, Forever Ago in The Woods, and Urtekk shot their brand new clip for Pareidolia in The Woods. And you know what all these things have in common? They’re all pretty bloody good.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 2.36.01 pmUrtekk take us on a scrambling adventure through the woods with their clip for Pareidolia, the third and final track for their DM3 project.

Urtekk are an instrumental electronic four-piece from Adelaide. Their music is super proggy, blending krautrock with a bit of techno in an extremely danceable way. They have already played the Rainbow Serpent festival, WOMADelaide, and Wide Open Spaces this year, right off the back of the first two-thirds of the DM3 project.

The quartet comprises of Ben Smith (drums), Dave Brewer (bass), Martin Regan (synth, sampling and programming) and Damon Satanek (synth, guitar, percussion, sampling). Two of the guys also run Pilot Records, who have likes of Oisima, Menagerie and No Birds amongst their roster.

Pareidolia is the third track from the quartet’s DM3 project, which began back in the Autumn of 2014 with a video for their track Patterns. The band followed up a few months after with a film clip and accompanying track Freedom. Both of the films follow abstract stories, focusing on visual aesthetic rather than plot.

Patterns focused on a super creepy bird-like figure, dancing among the rock shallows of a deserted beach. Freedom is an abstract studio film featuring two figures clad in silver skintight suits circling each other, interjected with shots of brilliantly coloured gold-brown goo. Pareidoila follows a similarly abstract route, tracking the journey of a scrappy, barefoot man and his expedition through the woods.

The lack of vocals in Pareidoila lends itself perfectly to a video like this, where the visuals feed off the music. It starts with a blend of wide angle shots of a massive tree line and close-ups of the barefoot man slowly approaching it.

As the track builds in intensity, with wobbling synths following insistent, thumping beats, building layers as the barefoot character approaches the tree line and a lone mirror, upright in the barren field. Stretching from it is an arm painted all black, reaching out. When they touch, everything goes haywire as we are catapulted into a manic journey through the woods.

The film clips for the DM3 project were made in conjunction with Shining Dark Productions, an Australian based film production company comprising of Cameron Crothers and Christian Harker. They have a brilliant back catalogue of films that focus on blurring the line between art and entertainment, and the DM3 project is no exception. It is visually stunning; simple, but masterfully shot. Get lost in The Woods with Urtekk. 

Check out the rest of the DM3 project via Pilot Records. 

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