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PREMIERE: Usurper of Modern Medicine crack open the spacetime continuum with new clip Intercyclical

As artists at the top of the game keep pushing the envelope of what music can be, what an album should be, and how chaotically you can crack art open, more and more emerging acts are embracing their own forms of hyper-expressivity.

Composing albums with a design language, finding a withstanding visual narrative or mastering a field outside of sound are becoming more and more common for Australian bands, and we couldn’t be happier about the creative feast this has been.

Usurper of Modern Medicine find themselves at the forefront of this dialogue, carving themselves a niche as an audio visual double-act. Every sound these psychonauts from Perth output is matched by an optical masterstroke, and their latest clip Intercyclical is no exception.

usurper of modern medicine intercyclical

Whacked out like a slow-burning psychoactive, Intercyclical from Usurper of Modern Medicine will have you exploring the corners of consciousness you never knew you had.

Inspired by the work of Daniel CrooksIntercyclical follows dancer Ashlyn Marriott as she descends further and further into a twisted visual wormhole. As the song’s slow crescendo climbs into greater cacophony, the clip warps into something almost entirely orderless.

It’s psychedelia as it was meant to be, a force which makes you feel as if you’ve touched the inexplicable, the unintelligible or the unanswerable.

[bandcamp width=700 height=439 album=1251169787 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=333333 artwork=small]

A cut from 2017 album Everything is NothingIntercyclical harks to questions of repetition and helplessness. And as trippy as it seems, this clip barely scratches the surface when it comes to how far Usurper of Modern Medicine like to take their artistic license.

For instance, the album comes shipped with an augmented reality app which turns the record into an interactive, evolving artwork that plays out on top of the spinning vinyl.

Usurper of Modern Medicine are next level. If you’ve enjoyed Intercyclical, know that the rabbit hole goes far deeper.


Everything is Nothing is out now. 


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July 24, 2017