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PREMIERE: VYNES new single ‘Dopamine Rush’ is pure electro-pop sorcery

Heart beats raised and muscle memory tapped into, VYNES releases her first single of the year and it’s a kaleidoscope of joy. Melbourne based Ffion Hemphrey is the producer and face of the electronic project making huge waves in the future bass sub-genre of EDM.

Bright and buoyant, VYNES’ latest single Dopamine Rush is a sugary mood-booster bursting with the best of electronica.

Drawing inspiration from electro legends such as ODESZA, VYNES’ sound aims to untangle itself from the intensity of the “rise and drop” common in mainstream EDM patterns. This urge to avoid the deceleration of “the drop” allows for a more consistent upbeat jauntiness. It’s here that future bass is adopted and then toyed with. And that’s where Dopamine Rush was born. In the experimentation and freedom of studio time, Hemphrey has grown immensely as a produced since previous releases.

Dopamine Rush paints itself in the colours of its cover art: bubblegum pastel bliss. Abstract and feathery vocal effects and deep organic pads give way to infectious percussion choices. It’s a summer invitation to move and enter a flow state of optimism. And just being under three minutes, this track is a short and sweet twirl around the dance floor. You’ll be immediately calling up the DJ for a revival.

Hemphrey says of VYNES, “The aim of this project is to make feel-good experimental music, music that people can dance to chill out to, relate to and get down on the dance floor to – basically music that hits the listeners right in the feels!”

Much like the name, the sonic territories discovered by VYNES, snake and curl around like a wealthy vineyard. Hemphrey proves herself a craftswoman of the EDM toolbox. Her expertise dictated but the seamlessness in which the broad catalogue of samples are woven in together.

Officially released tomorrow, you can now saunter on into the hedonistic surge of VYNES here.


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January 23, 2020