PREMIERE: Want to be sexy? Breizers offer up some sage advice in their spunky new video

Cav, John and Masoose are three funk-laden troubadours known through their stage moniker Breizers. Today we present you their latest clip, an easygoing jam named Sexy.

The clip was filmed by Frederick Stratton and edited by Clover Ryan, and depicts the lads onstage and in-trolley. It’s simple, well-thought out and handily executed. The film clips which look the easiest are often the ones crafted with the most love, and I’m guessing Sexy is no exception.

It’s the fifth single from their late 2016 EP Killjoy, a release studded with much of what you witness here. Cranked guitar lines, easy-flying rhythms plus a ripper breakdown here and there… it’s an alluring sound that Breizers know back to front.

breizers sexy

Breizers have no problem staying Sexy. Complete with trolley rides, ripper solos and an alluring ambivalence, this three piece are rockers through and through.

We reached out to the lads from Breizers with one question: “How do you do it?” 

Not wanting to toot their own horns (or perhaps afraid to reveal their trade secrets), they didn’t offer up their own answers. Instead they turned to two of the sexiest figures to every grace pop culture: George Costanza and Cosmo Kramer.

How to be sexy with Masoose

“It’s a timeless art of seduction, you gotta join in the dance. Don’t do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, the key word, is tasteful.” – Kramer

How to be sexy with John

“It’s all I have in my life. It’s what you perceive. If I’m looking straight ahead, and something enters my field of vision, that’s merely a happenstance.” – George

How to be sexy with Cav

“I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a thousand times! Poise counts! It’s just as important as the other categories. Swimsuit. Evening wear. Talent. Poise!” – Kramer


Breizers are taking to the road on their Sexy Tour, starting tomorrow. At their first show in Berowra they will hold a gold-coin-donation fundraiser to raise money for the Pagalday family, having recently lost their son Rhys Pagalday, a great friend high school friend of the lads, to cancer.

1st July, Berowra Village Tavern, Sydney
2nd July, The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
6th July, The Foundry, Brisbane
8th July, Greaser Bar, Brisbane
12th July, Rad Bar, Wollongong
14th July, Junction 142, Katoomba
20th July, Marlborough Hotel, Sydney
27th July, The Brass Monkey, Cronulla

Head right here for the finer details.