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PREMIERE: Watch a crab slay a sax solo in Ogopogo’s crustaceous new clip Crabs

Silliness is a trait which is sorely underrepresented in musicians. Seemingly every guitarist in the world wants to be your dark, brooding virtuoso, looking down upon their subjects from their holy throne upon the stage. A musician shouldn’t be an untouchable deity who possesses forbidden knowledge, it should be someone you can actually relate to.

And god forbid, we’re all a little silly at times.

Ogopogo are the zany Melbournites who wear their wackiness on their sleeves with unflinching honesty. Today they drop the video for their crustaceous hit Crabs, a song about, well… crabs.

ogopogo crabs single launch bar open

Ever seen a crab play a sax solo? You have Melbourne’s Ogopogo to thank for the opportunity, realised in their lovingly animated clip Crabs.

If Ogopogo’s Bandcamp is to be believed, then you’ll hear the word “crabs” 55 times throughout the song. In the video, created by George Johnson, that ain’t the half of it. You’ll get to watch as a horde of crabs chases down our pink-haired protagonist, shuffling through forests, beaches and lightning storms to get their way.

The song is really two pieces of music rolled into one; the first half being a boppy, charming indie hit complete with fun lyrics and classroom synths. Just short of halfway the mood drops, turning the latter half of Crabs into a beautiful, rolling piece of work which sounds like the closing credits to a Broadway musical.

It makes you think, did Ogopogo really compose an entire song about the sinister side of crab culture, or are they using our clawed compadres as a scapegoat metaphor for something much more real? Given Ogopogo’s vibe, there’s really no telling which is right – but isn’t that their charm?

Weirdness makes the world go round, and anyone who spends their time injecting a little counterculture into the system gets a tick in our books. When we heard Ogopogo were crafting a film clip to compliment their song about crabs we expected wonderful things, and we weren’t disappointed. Here’s to hoping their upcoming EP is just as gloriously off-kilter.


Ogopogo are launching their EP on June 2nd at the Bella Union in Melbourne. You’ll be catching STAV. and Sugar Fed Leopards in the support slots on the night – grab all the finer details on the Facebook event.


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May 15, 2017