PREMIERE: Witness a house cat’s most vivid nightmares in Fluoro Fitzwilliam by WAWAWOW

Have you ever caught yourself staring at a slumbering cat wondering, ‘what does a king dream of?’

Well, according to Sydney psych-rockers WAWAWOW, the answer is NOT breakfast, lunch, dinner and where the next funny place to spew will be. It’s all about submarines, time-machines, and sun bathing.

WAWAWOW’s latest single, Fluoro Fitzwilliam, is a fuzzed-out five minute trip filled with wild guitar solos, heavily compressed vocals and crazy lyrics all held together by a super effective, yet super simple drum beat.

fluoro fitzwilliam wawawow happy mag

Rather than feeling rushed or overwhelming, Fluoro Fitzwilliam feels layered and cohesive. For a clip which comes with a seizure warning, that’s pretty fucking impressive.

Just like the song itself, the clip is bright, brash and disorientating. It’s chock full of all the good stuff; a cat licking itself, Rickenbacker’s, a cat doing crocodile-style death rolls, hi-hats and snare drums being pounded, drawings of cats, lead singer Wade Van Den Hoek’s screaming face, and a cat doing its best Girl with the Pearl Earring impression.

Like I said, all the good stuff.

Over the top of all this madness whirls a kaleidoscopic filter which not only fits the track perfectly, it also warrants a viewer discretion seizure warning at the start (as all good video clips should).

When you write all these things down, it reads like a royal mess. But it’s a bit like Uber; no matter how many times you drunkenly nod as you’re told the ins-and-outs of it all by an overly-enthusiastic driver, you have no idea how it works but you’re fucking chuffed to be along for the ride.

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This is WAWAWOW’s second single release of 2017 after we were gifted February’s completely insane Space Invaders. And there’s much more to come, with the promise of two more singles and an EP planned.

Keen to lock eyes and ears with this wild four piece? WAWAWOW will be supporting Psychedelic Porn Crumpets at the Chippo with Narla on the 25th of August.

Grab all the details here.