PREMIERE: Waza releases a stark dystopian-style video for Bad Teeth, complete with jelly and a scribbled on Kim K

Like every self respecting postmodern dystopian creative piece, the music video for Waza’s new single, Bad Teeth, opens with flames consuming the contemptible propaganda of the proverbial oppressive regime.

The flames dance about doing the work of the people, made all the more edgy by the green and red filter on top of it all. The earthy, growly beats of the track ominously warble in and we know it’s down with the damn establishment.

And then teeth, the mouth piece of the movement start spitting forth the real truth.


Let Waza and Slumberhaze’s Sasha penetrate the brain cells, in starkly honest, dystopian-style new music video for Bad Teeth

The track itself is a slow burner whose pull is found in the hazy undertow of the gravelly synth. With a catchy chorus, and intimately critical bridge, Waza and Sasha drum up a satisfyingly anti- mass media offering.

Oh Merdoch, you must suffer another knock against your empire that gives so much.

With clear jelly leeching out of mouths, and much of the British royal family getting a face full of permo marker, the film clip comes in roaring to support every slew of intellect-less mass populace thinking that’s coming under the mic.

Much to the glee of our inner 5 year old, and arsonist tendencies, pop culture gets a good scrawling over, eventually to be consumed in, you guessed it, red and green filtered flames to complete the revelation of the dystopian reality.

Unthinking pop culture, and mob thought, you’ve infiltrated our minds long enough. Kim Kardashian gets a particularly feisty mess of angry black marker. She above all has done specifically damage in the impressionable minds of the young.

Yes, it surely is a viable lifestyle to be famous because you are famous, circular logic has its victory.

The jelly motif is certainly unsettling. Just as it was alarming that a nude Kim could nearly ‘break the internet’. The horror, to think our blogs, petitions and emails calling for the end to off shore detention could be undone by someone regularly found in the centrepiece.

Waza and Sasha have our back here, yeah oh great populace we should bow down to the one who ‘paves the way’.

‘Are we speaking just to be talking?’ Sasha emits. In a world where every crevice is jammed with voices, desperate to swing your head, and most importantly hip pocket to their agenda, there does seem to be an awful clamour of people chattering, and filling the void with crap, all expecting the masses to rise up in a stupor of adoration.

It’s important to have artists calling out the bloody holes we have fallen, and may yet fall into.

If the blinkers remain on, mouths lolling open, perhaps oozing festering, regurgitated from the deep, innards jelly, mouths jabbering away with minds dulled, following the ones who pave the way on the tabloid centrepiece; That’s a dark reality.

Waza brings the hard questions knocking in Bad Teeth, and anyone who calls on you to think and critically examine for the truth is a damn good legend.