Slumberhaze take us through Rhyme, Rhythm & Romance (Part 3)

Slumberhaze’s Rhyme, Rhythm & Romance series is coming to an end, they took us through the last instalment

After dropping their poignant video for Neon Demon, starring a drunkard monkey, Slumberhaze are ready to let us in on more of their inner workings, staring with a track by track for their new EP, Rhyme, Rhythm and Romance (Part 3).


As with all good stories, Slumberhaze’s Rhyme, Rhythm & Romance series is coming to an end. The boys attempt to prepare us and tell us what to expect.

Run As Fast As You Can, Kids

Opening the album, Run as Fast as You Can, Kids is a throw back to authoritative influence throughout adolescent ages, this piece explores the rat race of modernity, holding a mirror up to the blinkered mentality we so often see in others, but ignore in ourselves. The double entendre talks of following your passion and running as fast as you can to realise it.

Neon Demon

Written about leaving the daily rat race for the lights of the night. Finding connection, love and release in culture, art & music. Neon Demon is where our character finds his cultural escape, and dances into the neon lights. A dance song about dancing.

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The story twists sharply with SkyView where our character is caught in a prickly situation where he loses his love. This song speaks of being let down when you’re feeling your most high. The reality and the irony, the learning and the pain. In the song it precedes to sample the beginning of the protagonists’ change.

Carry On Without Me

In true trilogy tradition, the main character dies. And in Carry On Without Me this is where it ends. The final song in the trilogy lyrically describes the end of the subjects ego/mind. It travels through the enigmatic journey of letting go and pulls up in a place of solidarity. Carry On perfectly ties the series and closes it at the same time.