Lisa Mitchell is getting ready to gift us with some new music. We caught up with her to find out what she’s been up to

Australia’s favourite songwriting sweetheart, Lisa Mitchell has been busy.

As her luscious sound experiments expand ever farther, fans can’t help but salivate as they wait for what happens next. Luckily, we got a sneak peak into Lisa’s activity has she prepares to drop a brand new music video. We had a chat and managed to grab some behind the scenes pics! Here’s what went down…

Photo by Jamieson Moore

HAPPY: Thanks for taking some time out, what’re you up to?

LM: Hey, no worries, I just finished filming the new video for The Boys, directed by Luci Schroeder.

HAPPY: What did you write The Boys about?

LM: It might sound a bit creepy but The Boys is a song inspired by just noticing how guys spend time together, how they show affection – it’s always playing games or joking around or drinking, I notice a real buoyancy, or light-heartedness which I think is quite different to girls. Girls seem to get deep really quickly and not mind just chatting and lounging about for ages and just, ‘musing’ together.

HAPPY: That’s too true! What can we expect to see in the video? Why Albury as your destination?

LM: The song, The Boys, talks about driving around in the car with the guys, and so there are a few lovely cars in this clip, lots of beautiful scenery of the weir, or ‘Lake Hume’ as it’s officially called, which is just near where I grew up, in Albury, NSW.

I wanted to film it in Albury because I am often looking back into my childhood, into what happened, what I loved, who I loved, why I am the way I am, and a lot of my new songs feature this style of ‘combing through the past’ type of thinking. Plus, selfishly, the land there is beautiful and has a lot of sentimental value…

HAPPY: Is it hard work filming a video? I imagine it’d be a long day!

LM: This video shoot was one of the longest shoots I’ve ever done! We had a few pre-sunrise starts in muddy paddocks with our Converse’s soaking wet – so it was not without its teeth-gritting – but man, I’d pretty much do anything for that sweet sunrise light…

HAPPY: I’ve heard you’re selling out a lot of recent overseas shows, how does it feel to have such a strong global support?

LM: I have been selling out the shows in the UK that I did late last year, and am seriously looking forward to playing in Australia again!

Photo by Jamieson Moore

HAPPY: How do you feel you’ve progressed as an artist over the years?

LM: I like to think I’ve become braver as an artist over the years… I’m less worried about ‘failing’ and more curious and playful. Life is good and art is such a privilege and a bonus to play with. It is also a deeply insightful ‘tool’ for me. As a songwriter I get to explore myself and my comings and goings with the outside world, and as a listener and watcher I get to experience that secret language of humanity that is often hard to hear…

HAPPY: Do you feel there is an important message you have to share with your music?

LM: I don’t have one message that I want to ‘share’ through my music, but I think, and at least I feel as a listener, that in songs and  ‘art-making’ in general there’s a sense of kinship, of, ‘I’m here too, living and loving and hurting and fucking up, and yeh, see you out there.’ Hah.

HAPPY: I hope it’s ok that I ask this but, I still have vivid memories of a 16 year old Lisa Mitchell singing Diamonds on the Inside on Aussie Idol circa 2006. What, if anything, do you feel the experience contributed to your career now?

LM: The Idol experience back when I was 16 was sure better than having to go to school! Haha. Nah, but seriously, I really stand by it as such a huge turning point for me in my life. Being a songwriter, it wasn’t really right for me creatively but it really changed everything and lit a fire in me that I might actually be able to do art as a real life adult thing. And so I just kept going and now I’m here, still talking to you, still making stuff. So, I’m so glad to have had that experience.

HAPPY: What do you think talent shows have to offer the music industry and what advice would you give to someone considering that path?

LM: I think talent shows do reveal a lot of talent, but it’s then up to those individuals to figure it out for themselves which is the hard bit. If I was talking to someone who was considering that path I’d just tell them to really think it through. It’s definitely not a short-cut – at the end of the day good things take time…

Photo by Jamieson Moore

HAPPY: What have you been listening to lately? Anything inspiring you?

LM: At the moment I’m loving listening to All That by Carly Rae Jepsen. Anything that Dev Hynes is producing is just so good and romantic! Ah, I’m such a sucker for that 80’s romance..! I’m also adoring Buoy’s stuff, Clouds and Rain is such a jam…

HAPPY: What’s next for you? Can we be excited about any upcoming shows?

LM: I’ve got shows coming up later this year but can’t reveal too much right now… I’ll be posting as soon as I know!

HAPPY: Thanks so much for chatting, enjoy the rest of your shoot!

Stay tuned for Lisa’s new video, coming soon!