Death Club 7 take no prisoners with Immortal Peaches, a chaotic debut EP with a finger on the self-destruct button

DEATH CLUB 7 is an emerging Brisbane producer with a dark lust for destructive introspection, an artist who truly pours their emotions, however shadowy, into their music.

Death Club 7

Death Club 7 dives straight into the soul with alt-electro masterpiece, and debut EP Immortal Peaches

The act is the murky brain-child of Patrick King, who writes, records, produces and mixes each of his tracks from his bedroom studio. The result is an expressive, experimental electronica siphoned straight from King’s conscience; raw, dance floor anarchy.

DEATH CLUB 7’s debut EP hit the shelves this month, a vicious five-track outpouring of King’s influences. Titled Immortal Peaches, a reference to mythological Chinese figures who would be granted everlasting life from magical peaches, this EP tells the story of King’s three year journey through the darkness of mental illness, and the light of recovery.

Drawing from a cluttered library of alternative electro, and the attitudes of gloomy, disruptive musical icons, the EP combines musical and emotional influence into controlled aural chaos.

“My sound is directly inspired by a huge variety of music but mostly by other experimental electronic artists – especially Grimes, Doldrums, Bjork, FKA Twigs, Arca, and The Knife…However, I think the actual personal influence of other artists and their approaches to song writing are more apparent in my music. A lot of the EP is supposed to sound distinctly morbid and cynical, a note I took from artists such as Marilyn Manson.”

Unafraid of delving into the morose, DEATH CLUB 7 rather displays it to the world through music. A long standing tradition of the disturbed artist, this ritual of expressionism continues with Immortal Peaches, and especially with its middle track Awake.

“Awake is kind of the pinnacle of the EP – this was the moment where I realised like no one else is going to be able to pull me out of my depression but me” King writes.

The song details the mental sentiments of his past, and his struggles with the ideas of life and death. Listeners finding themselves tapping toes to Awake’s bright beats are urged not to look past the lyrics at the front of the mix; an exploration of King’s confused state of duality between being asleep, and awake.

“This song is basically a flight or fight response to myself.”

Releasing an EP is an achievement in itself but any heavily produced electronic music, especially any as frenzied as DEATH CLUB 7’s will have to be proven on the dance-floor. Confidently, King affirms fans that they need not worry, and to expect the best from this debuting beat freak: “DEATH CLUB 7 live shows will probably be pretty intense – I love to get wild when I see live music , and I want to inspire the same kind of spirit in my audiences.”

An innovator at heart, King places a huge emphasis on the new.

“I want people to leave my shows without the feeling that they’ve seen or heard the same thing done before.” Certainly placing himself in the right genre space for originality and experimentation, King continues that “the shows are definitely going to include performance art and dance, even if that includes playing extended remixes of my songs just so I can jump around on stage.”

New electro is always welcome in the Australian scene, and DEATH CLUB 7 pushes all the right buttons. We look forward to any future releases, and the vitriolic live shows that will come with them.