PREMIERE: Crashing waves, sonic beauty and dead bodies come together in the brilliant new video from Neighbourhood Youth

Neighbourhood Youth rolls across the airwaves today with their new video for Atlantic, the new single from their upcoming sophomore EP.

The Melbourne based indie rock collective have breached the waters of last year and burst into the wider music world. With previous tunes such as Feel Our Cold and For Nothing indicating their huge potential, Atlantic more than meets the standard.

A harrowing tale of sacrifice, loyalty and family, Neighbourhood Youth’s Atlantic follows the raw life cycle of the Atlantic Salmon, who face their demise after laying their eggs, in order for their offspring to feed off them and survive. No, seriously.


Neighbourhood Youth take viewers on an epic journey of ethereal realisation and tragic truths in their gorgeous new video for Atlantic.

Of course, the track’s meaning leans more towards a metaphor for appreciating family and sacrifice in the lives of the band members. The lyricism of Atlantic exhibits the full scope of a band that has matured and grown into their alternative rock sound.

The accompanying video clip is filled with symbolism and vast, picturesque landscapes. Shot and directed by Jam Nawaz, the video opens with the boys superimposed underneath a panning shot of an unsettled tide, crashing into the rocky shoreline.

Filmed over two weekends in both the Macedon Ranges and Mornington Peninsula, it’s all striking visuals and dreamy landscapes. The band’s ethereal vocalist, ghostly as he calls out against the steady strumming of guitar and echoing drum. Eyes closed, dreaming of the ocean, the boys all matching in white tees and black skinny jeans, begin their journey.

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Traversing the undergrowth of a dewy wood in green and auburn shades, the band tread single file following a small gravel path. Enveloped by fog, with the music slowly building, the band members start to fall. One by one, they collapse to the ground, limp and bleeding. Alluding to the fragile continuum that is life, the remaining survivors walk on.

As the forest becomes less dense and the men keep falling, the track leads into a crescendo of pulsating drums and a tantalising electric guitar solo. With lyrics so literal to the Salmon’s period of existence, “I let them feed / I felt the shells break under me / My boys” it’s harder, still, not to feel the words resonate throughout our humanity and emotion.

Recorded at Tender Trap studios with producer Greg Rietwyk, Neighbourhood Youth’s Atlantic is a polished track that still remains true to the band’s music. Bold, gritty and filled to the brim with raw, stirring energy.

Having already played alongside British India on their Winter tour, the band are now set to play mid July at the Northcote Social Club. Fresh from supporting Dappled Cities, the boys have already begun an exciting 2016, with the promise of far more to come.