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PREMIERE: West of the Sun pour molten psych into a swirling pool of sound in Trip on a Turntable

Why are life’s most joyous moments, seemingly its most fleeting?

Why do the immense pleasures to be experienced in every sprawling corner of our internal and external universe, seem so few and far between?

Perhaps, that is the very purpose for which we survive. However, London’s West Of The Sun imagine a different world in their new single, Trip On A Turntable and it’s dazzling.


Some of life’s greatest joys leave as soon as they arrive but, what if we could ride on an infinite turntable of music’s ecstasy? West of the Sun find out in Trip on a Turntable.

The five-piece are running scorching hot off the back of their killer single Siberian Hysteria, a cut off an upcoming full-length debut. The band are now set to expose another, darker hue to their songwriting palette in the form of Trip on a Turntable and fail to disappoint when it comes to displaying a mesmerising prowess in both songwriting and production.

The distant drippings of wet synths tease and impending trip in the opening bars of the track. Much like the crystal egg of moisture that slides calmly from a leaf after a storm’s first drop, Trip on a Turntable presents an eerie calm before a looming, lilac wall towers over in waves of psychedelic triumph.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/267937646″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Steel twangs of guitars ring exotic melodies through echoing corridors of crescendoing strings as the track begins to hit its stride. Bass and drums tamper wearily before taking heart and beating their thunderous rumble deeper into the skull of the listener, it soon becomes apparent that West of the Sun has a story to tell.

As if by some serendipitous reincarnation of Jim Morrison himself, echoes of a distinct Doors influence heard in earlier tracks now take a new front at centre stage. The sheer maturity of the vocal tone and introspective poetry are uncannily reminiscent of Morrison’s enigmatic style whilst, by no means, sounding over-derivative.

The band themselves described their new single as “imagining a life spent revolving on a turntable listening to one’s favourite music,” and it’s dream tale is undoubtedly realised in full colour as the track blooms into shining petals of electric psych.

After all, perhaps this is the ultimate dream, the unyielding quest for unyielding joy. Comfort and ecstasy can be found intertwined within the notes of our favourite music and, what a divine oasis it would be to spin life’s troubles away and never grow weary in the loving arms of music.

West of the Sun show no signs of slowing down and plan to drench us in molten love and candy psych for the duration of their upcoming LP. If their brooding whirlwind, Trip on a Turntable is anything to go by, this is a band to watch.


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June 8, 2016