The world’s most metal grandpa could be hitting the stage with Drowning Pool themselves

82 year-old John Hetlinger has recently sent the internet into a viral spin with his hardcore rendition of Bodies by the insanely popular metal band, Drowning Pool.

This one’s called Bodies, I wanna see you FUCKING KILL EACH OTHER!!!

“Let the bodies hit the floor,” a sentiment shared by elderly men everywhere and 82 year old John Hetlinger takes it to a whole new level.

Taking to the stage on America’s Got Talent, John talked the world through his incredible life, which included partaking in the building of the Hubble telescope. However, according to the man, his appearance on the talent show was a highlight.

John tore the audience to shreds with his rendition and almost had Simon Cowell sucked into a brutal circle pit. Drowning Pool guitarist, C.J. Pierce is said to be looking for Hetlinger in order to invite him to their Open Air Festival appearance in Chicago.

All of the man’s travel and beer expenses will be paid, going to show unequivocally that you’re never too old to rock. As the old saying goes: you’re not hardcore, unless you live hardcore.

Let’s hope we hear more from this story as it emerges; maybe some footage of John stage diving?