PREMIERE: Weeknites spin a coming-of-age song into a gritty, post-punk banger on their new single

Weeknites have served up a coming-of-age anthem that any indie-rock lover would happily sink their teeth into.

Weeknites are back with their fresh and powerful new single, Body Temp Spirits.

While we’ve come to expect nothing but synth-tinted, post-punk bangers from the Seattle duo, this latest release sees their sound refine and their choruses bellow outwards. Body Temp Spirits is an ode to growth like we’ve never seen before, wrapped in sweltering melodies and piercing hooks.


Trust us when we say that Weeknites are going places, Body Temp Spirits proves it. An explosive exhibit of sonic intuition, the track is one that you can’t help but jam along to. Each element crystallises into the next, creating this revolving door of sonic that is tighter than rubber. Bites of synth bring a dream-pop, ’80s flavour to the piece, which, although seeming worlds away from the rough post-punk of the single, provides the perfect balance of light and dark.

The pace and flow of the track is a real triumph also, with the duo knowing where to build, refrain, and erupt their sonic into a larger-than-life chorus. Instrumentally, Body Temp Spirits is so tight that there is no note left to waste and nothing else that could possibly be added. Each beat is tailored to absolute perfection, allowing their air-tight rhythms to burst through and their fleeting guitar melodies to pierce through the mix, providing a refreshing clarity.


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“The single, Body Temp Spirits, gently eases in with effects-treated melodic guitars that become fortified by mountainous chords detailed with dense textures. A deft rhythm section drives the song forward with rubbery bass and dexterous drums,” the duo’s bio reads. “Lyrically, it’s a coming of age tune about showing up in domestic life and cultivating solid and healthy relationships after years of free-spirited living.”

It’s safe to say that we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see what the duo delivers next.

Check out the single below: