PREMIERE: What’s the most ultimate game of frisbee you’ve played? Multiply that by 10 and you get Cabin Cults’ Icarus

Save for the hula hoop, no other solid plastic sports paraphernalia has had such an impact on recreational sporting as the Frisbee. A modern day take on the flying disc, the Frisbee was first conceived by an entrepreneurial Californian couple in 1938 and has embedded itself within popular consciousness ever since. While the cultural significance of the Frisbee can’t be understated, what’s really being discussed here is the latest music clip from Adelaide four piece Cabin Cults.

Icarus premiere

Cabin Cults give ultimate frisbee a brand new meaning with their DIY video for Icarus. Will the band soar high or be left stranded in a tree?

Icarus is the leading track from Cabin Cults’ Riot is the Watchword EP. Interlacing the riff-driven sound of the Silversun Pickups with bouncy electroclash synth licks, the upbeat single takes a lighter shade than some of the heavier material on the EP. Following on quickly from Riot is the Watchword’s January release; the group have treated fans to a new video for Icarus. In keeping with the lighter tone of the track, the music video sees the band inhabiting the series of costumed personas participating in what can only be described as one of the greatest Frisbee passes of the modern age.

Self-described as a collage panda brutality, multiple Frisbee action and a couple of near miss catches, the video features the band donning the attire of a number of alter egos for their seemingly unending Frisbee pass. Drawing from guitarist Tim’s concerningly large collection of costumes and taking some inspiration from the Ex-Presidents gang to Kathryn Bigelow’s 1991 opus Point Break, Icarus’ carefree lyricisms and tongue-in-cheek visuals perfectly convey the feeling of enjoyment which comes from sharing an unexpectedly wild time with friends.

Directed in true DIY fashion the imagery of seamless Frisbee flight was captured by guitarist Tim using a humble GoPro camera and cut together with some help from the rest of the band. “The title relates to the fact you can’t plan it, that’s when you crash and burn” reveals frontman James.

Describing the significance of the Frisbee within Cabin Cults’ band culture James continues; “From daytime drinking on an oval with Frisbees and croquet, to having one packed with the band gear at all time, given how often we’d be spinning discs after jamming the film clip seemed fairly logical to us.” While many have taken up the disc, not all have mastered its wily ways. “Our drummer Rupert is a bit younger than the rest of the band and subsequently less Frisbee skilled. He had to practice against a wall for a few hours a day, but he got there (sort of)” the vocalist reflects.

For those looking to catch the band live Cabin Cults will be playing a free show Adelaide’s Exeter Club on February 27th.