The Delta Riggs’ top 5 picks for bands to see at Mountain Sounds

This weekend the mammoth Mountain Sounds festival will take place at Mt Penang Parklands in the beautiful Central Coast of NSW. There are plenty of great local and international artists on the lineup that will get any music fan drooling with anticipation so badly they’ll need one of those plastic baby bibs designed for catching said drool (technology!).  One of those stellar bands are none other than old mates The Delta Riggs. They’re pretty pumped to be heading along to the festival too, so much so that they’ve put together a little listicle of the choice acts they’re keen to see. So if you haven’t sorted your timetable out yet, have a geez at the band’s picks.

violent soho

Ready to scale the heights of Mountain Sounds this weekend? So are The Delta Riggs, and the band have picked the 5 artists you can’t afford to miss.

Violent Soho

Not only are these guys some of the biggest legends in Australian music, they are a great fucking band. One of those bands you’d never get sick of watching, ever. I’ve been a big fan since way back when I was working in Brisbane!

Albert Hammond Jr

The Strokes. Literally the coolest band (still) of my generation. How could this not be exciting? His guitar work is incredible.


We took Darren on tour with us in early 2015, he has an unbridled yet methodical flair to his playing that is mesmerising. That Prince story is one of the best too, how much more cred can you have than Prince inviting you to jam?

Green Buzzard

I’m still yet to see these guys play a show, we always seem to miss each other. Looking forward to checking out the set and hanging with these dudes some more, great songs.

I Know Leopard

Have played with the guys & gals a few months back. I really dig the vibe here, good songwriters. Plus, Todd from These New South Whales is in the band too and I get slightly starstruck around him. He’s so tall.