Snakadaktal’s DNA has been extracted from amber and we now have Two People. Thank you weird science.

When Snakadaktal broke up in early 2014, the Aussie music scene lost a unique voice. After five years and four albums, the Unearthed High winners called it quits and we said goodbye to dreamy summer vibes and songs that loved to feature the reverb pedal. Hope, however, has returned!* The newly formed duo Two People, comprised of previous Snakadaktal members Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough has come in to being, and that haunting yet inviting sound that we fell in love with has returned to us.

Two People

Phoebe Lou and Joey Clough rise from the ashes of their old band to form the aptly named Two People. Elegant and empathic, you need to keep an eye on this duo.

Their debut single, Fading, launched just last week has already been played on triple J, and the response to the song has been quite massive. Lou’s voice offers something that puts her up there with the best in our music scene; an unmistakable accent. While in some cases singers tend to adopt an nondescript accent, Lou has showed up with her unmistakable Australian vernacular, giving the song yet another layer of intrigue and something else to groove to.

Fading is the duo’s first offering ahead of their debutant EP, set to be released in the coming months. They bring with them a strong foundation from skills honed during their time in Snaka, putting new musical tones and a heavier focus on voice and lyrics. The song is comprised of a lot of echoes and call and responses that fills the tune with a lingering, irksome feeling, that somehow pulls you in instead of pushing you away.

Two People also offer us a song where synths, beat pads and guitars alike all find a perfect harmony. Fading is the type of song where you can already see the video clip forming in your head as you listen to it. Lots of slow motion, maybe a car cruising down an abandoned highway with someone’s hand waving out the window. There’s a rich story buried within those grooves, even if you’re not sure what it is.

There’s no word of a release date for the EP just yet, however Two People are adamant that there is definitely one coming our way. To hold you over, listen to Fading on repeat, and a few old Snakadaktal gems. This writer recommends Fall Underneath and The Sun II. Keep an eye on the J’s and their Facebook page, we can’t wait to see what we’re gonna get from these two!

*ED. Also check out Sean Heathcliff’s solo project Kagu!