PREMIERE: Whisky Grinn share belting new video Ain’t Slowin’ Down

Since releasing their Do You Speak Rock N Roll EP earlier this year, we’ve known quite well that Brisbane three-piece Whisky Grinn aren’t here to fuck around.

The band belt out an unapologetic, no-frills style of rock music that’ll slap you right in the face and leave you asking for more. Now, with the release of their brand spankin’ new video Ain’t Slowin’ Down, the band continue their tear through the Aussie rock scene.

Ain’t Slowin’ Down, the ball-tearingly epic new video from Brisbane three-piece Whisky Grinn, is a much-needed reminder of what Rock N Roll music should be.

Made up of vocalist and guitarist Zac Lynch, bassist Brody Lynch, and drummer Matt Mackenzie, the band strut through a captivating blend energetic guitar riffs, gravelly vocals, and air-tight percussion to deliver a sound that feels simultaneously familiar and fresh.

On their new video, the three-piece tear apart a rooftop performance, soaking in a sun-soaked backdrop that perfectly captures their vibrant rock n’ roll.

Considering the ferocity of this performance, we’re guessing that a Whisky Grinn live show would be absolutely off chops. So don’t miss your chance to catch them onstage on August 24th at The Milk Factory, Brisbane for their Ain’t Slowin’ Down single launch. More details on that show here.

For now, do yourself a favour and watch the new video above.