PREMIERE: Whispering Jackie run the hard race in their latest music video Fast Life

They’ve been making big gains around the local scene and now Sydney rockers Whispering Jackie have dropped a cracker new music video for their single Fast Life.

The track talks about the slog of the nine to five and the expectations of young people in the city, the clip capturing this in a comedic and light hearted way. Even if the issues they are tackling are far from humorous.

The rat race is shown perfectly by the members of an urban running race which, instead of a winner, concludes with its participants absolutely burnt out by the intensity of battling with their peers for a spot at the front. It’s real talk, but with a hilarious visual element which means you really can’t tear your eyes away.

Whispering Jackie

Whispering Jackie talks us through the importance of ‘living for the moment’, really grabbing life by the balls and making each day count.

With vocals and a tone a bit similar to that of Alex Lahey, these guys are taking a gritty and hard hitting sound and making it accessible and easy to relate to. Lyrically engaging and with a clear aesthetic, Whispering Jackie are an absolute riot. Who wouldn’t want to get dressed up in their finest lycra and battle it out in the backstreets?

The clip comes after the band have released new music and announced upcoming shows in Sydney. Their EP For The Moment is out now, a seriously tight first release. October saw them performing at the Factory Theatre alongside Rick Dangerous and the Silkie Bantams.

Coming up is a gig at Freda’s in early December alongside CREO and Clews in support of Headspace and the conversation around mental health in young people.

This is a seriously fun video to accompany a track with themes that are just all too real for young people living the the city today. Thanks for lightening it up guys.