PREMIERE: Whispers is Holiday Sidewinder's birthday gift to you

PREMIERE: Whispers is Holiday Sidewinder’s birthday gift to you

It’s Holiday Sidewinder’s birthday tomorrow and because the stars told her to, she’s releasing her new single Whispers.

Holiday brings back all her ’80s pop, girl-power vibes in this new song. And there’s a vintage lyric video to match, with silky fabric overlays and lyrics about “whispers by the river” to calm your soul.

Holiday Sidewinder’s star sign told her to release her new retro pop single Whispers on her birthday, so here’s a little celebration from Holiday and the Universe.

“I read my Star Sign thumbing through a magazine at the airport in Austin, Texas, just last week, and it told me to release Whispers on my birthday. It’s cosmically aligned. A “supernatural sign” as I say in the song. So, I present this gift to you, Whispers,” says Holiday.

Whispers is a song about wayward love and wanting your partner back when they’re gone. “I’m asking for the river to set me free” is her plea.

Holiday says there are no rules to listening to this song, except for you to think of your lover.

“Dance alone in your bedrooms, wear headphones and wistfully gaze out windows, play it on a boom box Say Anything styles and wherever you are, wherever they are, reach out and touch them; if love’s eternal ethereal presence exists in your imagination and your heart, then so too, it exists in reality.”

Holiday recently graced our online pages when Leo came in at #8 on Happy Mags Top 100 Song of 2018.

Whispers is out December 21st.