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Stalking Like Candy’s new album Punctronika is a surrealist fantasy

Sydney band, Stalking Like Candy’s new album Punctronika is not as straightforward as the name suggests. There is punk and there is electronica, but there is also almost everything else.

It’s an experimental, surrealist, pop, cyberpunk situation that defies labels. All in all, it’s fun. It’s fun punctronika.

Stalking Like Candy’s new album Punctronika is a genre-bending experience which travels through time, space, and the Inner West of Sydney.

As you’d hope from an album titled Punctronika, song titles feature the words vampire, dragons and kill.

The first single off the album, Cause Yr Like Me, stands out. This spacefaring tune makes you feel like it’s ok to be the alien you’ve always been, and with theremin vibes to match. It also features a subliminal anti-Trump message and a synth solo.

The music video features band-leader Jamie Quasar rollerblading around IKEA, parkour, a candlelit sewage pipe, and a scientist costume, which really holds true to their mantra, “If it’s not surreal, it’s not real”.

Vampire Six Shot brings punk to the Inner West of Sydney, with that yell-talking reminiscent of OG Brit-Punk music, and an English accent to match. It begins, “I was cruising with my daddy in the Inner West”.

Can You See the Light is an escape into indie rock, with major Arcade Fire vibes.

The last song on the album, Elon, named after pot-smoking tech powerhouse Elon Musk, opens with a ukulele and is built on the lyrics, “Come and fly a solar powered car to Mars, yeah Elon, Elon”. As the song progresses, the name Elon is even whispered as they seemingly travel through space.


Punctronika is out now.


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December 20, 2018