PREMIERE: Who needs drugs? Go down the rabbit role with Escapism by Castlecomer

After a rather sour couple of days with storm clouds hanging over our heads old mate the sun has finally shown his face. Too bad it’s Monday and we can’t do anything about it. So in the very least we can celebrate the good weather with an appropriately sunny track, and Escapism from Sydney locals Castlecomer is just that. Sure the weekend may be in your rear view mirror, but at least you can have a boogie in your office chair. Just do your best to avoid the awkward stares from workmates.

Castlecomer summer jam

Sydney five-piece Castlecomer are ready to kick start the Summer with their latest single Escapism. It’s Where The Wild Things Are meets guitar pop, and it rocks.

It’s been a little while since we’ve heard from the five-piece, the band had been quiet for the best part of a year before making their return to the scene with Fire Alarm. It’s a track that saw the band picking themselves up when they were at a low point, the sense of desperation laced with their pop instincts. After the runaway success of that single the band have continued to build on that solid foundation with their follow up track Escapisim. If anything this new single serves as a sequel to Fire Alarm. Think of it like Aliens to Fire Alarm‘s Alien. It’s the same model, with a few familiar faces, but it’s a different story.


The first thing to note is the sunny disposition that bursts forth from the get-go. Don’t look at this track directly otherwise you’ll be suffering some serious eye damage. It has a vibe akin to early stuff from The Strokes and Little Red (RIP). The clean guitars are hammered out as they carry the care-free attitude of the lyrics. This is a Castlecomer who are a little more comfortable in their skin. Sure, there are still issues of identity and a sense of place that continue on from Fire Alarm, but there is an overwhelming sense of optimism that shines forth.

Bede Kennedy’s vocals capture that feeling of what the Aussie Summer is all about; opportunity. Adventure is afoot and that joyous sense of exploring the world hits home. It doesn’t matter if you’re poor. It doesn’t matter if you’re alone. All it takes is some will and a little imagination. That’s the feeling of Summer, and Castlecomer do it pretty damn well.

With the release of Escapism Castlecomer are bound to hit the road soon. The band sold out several shows after their last Aussie tour, so be sure to keep a keen eye out for their next run of dates.

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