PREMIERE: Why We Run show up Benjamin Button with A Moment To Return

Mufasa may just be the best teacher when it comes to the understanding the idiosyncrasies of life and death. Face it, (20 YEAR SPOILER WARNING) his death in The Lion King was tragic, but so well handled because of his Circle of Life philosophy. Whether you handle death better because of that film, it’s a message that resonates true. Death isn’t the end, and all life finds itself as part of a cycle.

A Moment To Return

Why We Run have returned for an underwater metamorphosis adventure in the mesmerising video for A Moment To Return. Trust us, you won’t forget this.

Why We Run are no strangers to a gun music video. One viewing of their single Comfortable Lie will prove that. Playing into the song’s themes of cycles, journey and redemption, the video for A Moment To Return is handled deftly by director Andrew Seaton and production house Mint Films. The concept is a simple one, tracking the change in age for one man as he floats and flounders in the choppy ocean, aging backwards (de-aging? anti-aging?) from an old man to a young boy.

The video is quite well shot, capturing the flare of the morning sun and the glistening waves giving it a feeling of rebirth. Water and sunlight are symbols for new life, and they’re appropriately used symbols as the narrative for the film continues. The editing between the actor transitions are flawless, and is a key factor in building a strong narrative.

Props to underwater camera operator Dean Cropp who continues to capture the magic and other-worldliness of the ocean as the somewhat supernatural physical changes take place. The colours are striking during these scenes, providing the images with a sense of serenity. It helps thread together each actor’s performance as they each offer their own take on the character.

Is there a definitive story to A Moment To Return? Not quite, but the conceptual approach is appealing and keeps you glued to the screen. Expect to give this one some repeat viewings. Keep your eyes peeled, Why We Run will be releasing their debut album in April, and judging from A Moment To Return it’s going to be a good one for sure.