PREMIERE: WILSN brings half of Melbourne’s music scene into an intimate studio for a soulful cover of The Ruben’s Lay It Down

Melbourne’s soul seamstress WILSN has had a busy twelve months. With triple J Unearthed honours to her name, an EP under her belt and plans to tour internationally, it’s fair to say that she’s got a lot on her plate.

But for WILSN, one part of the artistic experience has been of the highest importance from the start- live performance. To truly appreciate her music, she wants you to see her make it in person.

It’s for this reason that she has released this live cover version of The Rubens’ Lay It Down. Although the clip is actually shot at The Aviary Recording Studio & Creative Hub, its intimate close-up shots and down-to-earth aesthetic mean that we get the kind of close artistic connection which is typical of WILSN’s live shows.

wilsn live happy

WILSN’s soulful cover of Lay It Down is crisp and uninhibited by stylised production, leaving an unshakable and addictive affinity between listeners and the rising artist.

The music itself is stamped with WILSN’s penchant for soul. For this clip, she’s called upon some of Melbourne’s finest, in the form of members of Saskwatch, Dorsal Fins, The Cactus Channel and 30/70.

Together, this conglomerate of artistic power breathe new life into The Rubens’ classic, doing so with both sensibility and ingenuity. Harnessing the power of the original’s relaxed beat, WILSN transforms the track into a classic RnB affair through old-school guitar sounds, drum kit work and her trademark vocal stylings.

The track is also bolstered by the addition of a horn section, in the form of a trumpet and tenor saxophone. What’s more, the video clip perfectly validates WILSN’s desire for listeners to see her live. There’s a real energy about not just the track, but the performance itself.

It’s obvious from the start that this future legend is hell-bent on performing with both passion and emotion, and we’re left wanting more of the kind of close contact with the artist that this video provides.

Fortunately, live performances are certainly on the cards for the near future, both locally and abroad. Having already planned to spend extensive periods of time in the US in 2017, WILSN is continuing to make waves on the world stage.

We can expect her to be back home as well, ready to share her fresh sounds with fans across the country.