PREMIERE: Witchery, colossal riffs and a slithering guest: Skies Collide embrace their heavy side on Run Wild

It’s all too refreshing to see a heavy band fronted by a woman, and the way Brittany Wilson stands tall at the helm of Skies Collide is serious inspiration for the underrepresented.

Run Wild is the latest from the three piece, and their most powerful and evocative performance to date. Sharing a tale of the dangers of imagination and the way a distant memory can haunt you, Skies Collide weave together a surprisingly pop-friendly ballad here, something you don’t see too often from harder rock outfits.

But that’s just part of their charm.

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Let your dreams spread like wildfire with Skies Collide, who deliver a dynamic hard rock package in their newest offering Run Wild.

The clip is triple-distilled hard rock and metal to it’s core. Dark settings, an underlying sense of witchery and a slithering snake intertwined between Wilson’s hands fulfil the tropes easily.

It’s obvious yet undoubtedly satisfying. Nobody blames Marilyn Manson for the regular sadism and extreme violence in his clips and in the same way, fans of Skies Collide are sure to gratify their fans with this supernatural feast.

The delicate balancing act between metal and pop is handled like true artisans by Skies Collide in Run Wild. It’s a rare genre twist to see, but the musicality of Liam Woods and Josh Vickers on guitar and drums carry the atypical amalgam with surprising fluidity.

In the chorus Wilson’s hooks are catchy, the lyrics are simple yet underpinned with enough mystery to be memorised efficiently. It’s audience friendly rock, and picturing a front row belting along is no stretch of the imagination. Evanescence is an easy comparison to draw, the group’s palatability to wider following being one of the biggest draw cards to their massive recognition.

That being said, Run Wild does lean more towards the harder side of the Skies Collide spectrum musically, and the band’s ability to propel a lead-lined wall of sound when they need to is admirable.

Breaking the mould should never be shut down, and the way Skies Collide continue to strut the grey area between pop and heavier rock is laudable.

Creating a hefty wall of sound with three members is a formidable talent, and the (sadly) rare front woman in Brittany Wilson is the icing on the cake. We couldn’t be more excited for whatever Skies Collide cook up next.