PREMIERE: You can run but you can’t hide from Innamech in their new single Fool’s Game

You ever get that feeling you’re being followed? The unshakeable, nightmare inkling that somewhere behind you, in the shadow of a towering tree or lonely tunnel, that somebody is hanging on your every step? It’s this feeling that Innamech brings to stirring reality in his new cut Fool’s Game.

It’s the first return of Jimmi Carr’s startling, addictive invention known as progrocktronica since the premiere of his last single Was Not Out. The Blue Mountains-based musician has done it again, his new clip being every bit as weird, wonderful, tripped out and horrifying as what came before.

Conceived and directed by local filmmakers Adam Daniel and Lara Wiseman-Daniel, the clip for Fool’s Game sees Samuel Prosser starring as an escapee into the wilderness, fleeing the omnipresent, ghostly visage of Carr himself.

innamech fool's game jimmi carr

With chords heavier than a freight train and enough prog petroleum to start it’s engine, Innamech will give you nightmares with Fool’s Game.

Daniel is a PhD film student with a special interest in horror movies, and his influence and expertise is undoubtedly felt throughout the clip. Tight shots, shaky cameras and a never ending unease permeate the video in all facets, true marks of the unsettling horror show Innamech wanted to bring out.

Fool’s Game is themed around circular, unshakeable realities doomed to repeat and the clip reflects this. Carr plays the haunting vision of the protagonist’s past, a ghostly figure he cannot escape from no matter how he tries.

Musically Fool’s Game definitely showcases a higher leaning towards the prog rock tendencies of Innamech’s Frankenstein genre collision. While Was Not Out dabbled more heavily in electronica, even acid elements, the rambunctious power chords and end-of-the-world musicality of Fool’s Game are proggy to the core.

A mix of live and electronic instruments, Carr is responsible for every nook and cranny of this track save for the backing vocals (performed by former band member Sammy Psyborg) and drums (played by Lachlan McEwen).

Innamech’s potential seems unlimited given Carr’s unflinching diversity so far. From what we’ve seen of their upcoming record Bordertown, we couldn’t be more keen to hear what this neo-psychedelic, progtronic mosaic has in store.

Fool’s Game / Lonely Bone is out now on Bandcamp.