Prepare yourself, the seven and a half hour version of The Godfather is a film event you can’t refuse

Michael Corleone and the family are making their way back to the small screen in a very special seven and a half hour event, aptly titled The Godfather Epic.

The Godfather Epic

That’s right people, Francis Ford Coppola’s two landmark films The Godfather and The Godfather Part II have been cut together chronologically WITH extra footage that didn’t make the theatrical cut, and will be broadcast on HBO later this month.

If you find yourself asking “But what about Part III“, just…just no okay.

godfather sofia gif

The Godfather Epic was aired on American network NBC in 1979 though it was censored and had annoying ads running throughout. It was released on VHS in 1981, but this year will be the first time the film will remain uncensored. Not to mention it has been remastered so you can enjoy Marlon Brando in all his glory.

If you don’t have access to HBO but are still frothing for some horse heads, the Hail Mary and cannoli, there are always more questionable means of accessing it.

Story first seen on Consequence of Sound.