The allure of Streisand: Love letters from Omar Sharif and inappropriate kisses from Brando

From growing up on stage, to fellow actors falling hard and fast, Streisand gets candid in her memoir ‘My Name Is Barbra’

The memoirs are coming in hard and fast, with the latest memoir drop coming from Babs, aka Barbra Streisand, the Queen of the stage, theatre, radio and television, and now, she can add author to her incredibly long list of achievements.

Not one for sharing, Babs has thus far offered up few if any interviews, has finally given the world, a rare candid look her life.

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Streisand, at 81, shares her reflections on a life in the public eye. In an interview with the BBC ahead of her memoir’s release, “My Name Is Barbra,” she expresses a desire for the simple joys of road trips with her husband and the laughter of their children.

Family gatherings hold a special place in Streisand’s heart, where children’s laughter blends with the playful energy of pets. She admits, “I haven’t had much fun in my life,” yearning for more moments of carefree happiness.

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Despite her iconic status, Streisand reveals her private nature and discomfort with fame, especially in the early 1960s when scrutiny over her appearance was at its peak.

Beneath the veneer of stardom, lies the memory of a young Barbra, singing with childhood friends in a lobby at just five or six years old. However, her dreams faced indifference and discouragement from her mother and stepfather.

At 16, Streisand took a bold step towards her Broadway dreams, working as a theater usher while avoiding recognition, foreshadowing the fame that awaited her.

A pivotal moment came with a victory in a Manhattan bar talent show, propelling Streisand into the limelight. Yet, success came with its challenges, including a painful encounter with a co-star who held unreciprocated feelings.

Streisand, also candidly recounts early encounters with sexism, notably a distressing incident with Sydney Chaplin during their Broadway stint in Funny Girl. Chaplin’s unwelcome advances and subsequent hostility on stage left Streisand “flustered,” contributing to her 27-year hiatus from live performances.

Throughout her career, she faced challenges from male collaborators, including Walter Matthau’s degrading remarks on the set of Hello, Dolly! and Frank Pierson’s public criticism of her in A Star is Born.

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Streisand’s memoir also reveals the allure she held for men like Omar Sharif, King Charles, and Marlon Brando, each expressing their fascination in various ways. (Sharif write a long love letter begging her to leave her husband)

Ultimately her memoir serves as a means to reclaim her narrative and find solace. As an EGOT winner, she declares, “This is my legacy. I wrote my story.” With its release, she signals a closing chapter, no longer bound to further interviews.

This is her authentic account, offering a personal glimpse into a life shaped by talent, determination, and an unwavering pursuit of truth.

Check out the memoir here via Penguin Books.