Prodigy fans from across the world gather to farewell Keith Flint

Fans from all across the globe have flooded the streets of Essex to farewell musical visionary Keith Flint.

The Prodigy frontman’s tragic passing on March 4 shocked fans all over the world. The remaining band members took to social media to invite fans to line the streets of the funeral procession to say their goodbyes.

keef flint funeral
Photo: Wauchope Gazette

Prodigy fans have turned up en mass in response to an invitation from the remaining band members to pay their respects to the late Keith Flint.

Fans turned out in masses to “raise the roof for Keith Flint,” with some travelling all the way from Australia just for the occasion. Tributes from industry and fellow musicians have been flooding in online since the news of Flint’s passing.

After later confirmation that Flint’s passing had been a suicide, we are reminded to watch out for each other and be there to support those fighting their demons.

The waves of support truly raised the roof for Flint. Fans have launched a petition for a statue of the late singer to be erected in Braintree.

Rest in peace Keith Flint. You will continue to inspire and move those left behind for many years to come.