The 4 prosumer audio trends that will define 2022
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The 4 prosumer audio trends that will define 2022

Prosumer audio gear has remained on a steady upward curve over the last few years. With 2021 in our back mirrors, here’s what you can expect to see in the industry during 2022.

With podcasting, live streaming, and at-home work solutions more popular than ever, it’s been a fantastic few years for prosumer audio sales. The term applies to anyone who both produces and consumes – or is a professional and a consumer, depending on who you ask.

Either way, their need for reliable, slightly elevated gear to take their content to the next level is proving highly profitable for certain companies.

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Image: Audio-Technica

Certain trends in the field have already come and gone, but right now we’re looking into the crystal ball and predicting a few trends that will define 2022.

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