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People are already making PS5 custom faceplates

Despite the fact that the console isn’t even out yet, a third-party company is already selling PS5 custom faceplates.

The aptly-named PlateStation 5 is offering a series of five PS5 custom faceplates to replace the console’s standard white plates. The plates come in Cherry Red, Chromatic, Indigo Blue, Jungle Camo (which you might lose in your living room), and a Limited Edition V1 Matte Black for all the purists out there.

The plates will be made out of “premium industry standard plastic”, with PlateStation 5 assuring that they will fit perfectly onto the PS5. If that will not be the case come 12 November, the company will fully refund any purchase as per their refund policy.

PS5 Plate Camo

PS5 Plate Blue

The third-party company which is “not affiliated in any way with Sony, Playstation, or the Playstation 5 brand” plans to dispatch all orders of its plates “within two weeks of the PS5 launch date“.

Following the PS5’s design reveal which showed the console’s white colour, fans were clamouring for a return to the varied aesthetics of previous Sony consoles. The previous PlayStations were all initially released in black, but received multiple colourways throughout their lifetimes. While Sony are yet to provide official colour alternatives for the PS5, PlateStation 5 and their PS5 custom faceplates may be able to fill that void.

Of course, there is always reason to be sceptical of third party companies. PlateStation 5 did provide some affirmation via its Twitter, stating that they are a UK-based company working between British and Chinese manufacturers and that Sony had already published the official dimensions of the PS5 long ago.

The PS5 is set to release in Australia on 12 November, with the fully-featured console being priced at $749.95 and the Digital Edition (which does not come with a disc drive) at $599.95. PlateStation 5’s custom faceplates are all priced at US$39.99 and should be able to be shipped to Australia.