Purity Ring – Begin Again

Imagine you have been lifted from Earth and spat out into the eerie, black vastness of outer space… it’s just you and the greater universe. Well, Purity Ring’s newest single Begin Again would be the perfect soundtrack for that journey.

Purity Ring

Purity Ring have a hard act to follow after Shrines, but with Begin Again their magic touch is truly undeniable.

Debuting their second album after Shrines in 2012, Another Eternity, set to be released in March 2015, is shaping up to sound out of this world! This was actually the first time the duo recorded together in the same studio, with both Megan James and Corin Roddick returning to their birthplace of Edmonton, Canada to produce and record the whole album. From the get go, this track will have you entranced, and the soulful lyrics just make you want to listen forever.

I’m not quite sure how, but Begin Again is light and beautiful, and dark and haunting at the same time, almost as though you are hypnotised while listening. The combination and contrast of James’s soft, subtle vocals and Roddick’s modern and clear cut beats give this track a futuristic and space-age rhythm, a theme the album is shaping up to revolve around.

The layers between every verse and chorus keep the song really interesting. Each verse focuses on James’s vocals, with just a gentle and soft beat in the background. This creates a haunting sensation, and simply is just really nice and easy to listen to. Then, as the chorus starts, the beat kicks in, begins building and gets quite heavy, coming back to their original roots of electro dance (and believe me, this track really does make you want to dance in a dark, crowded room with green laser lights).

The lyrics are what really make this song so beautiful. Equating a lover to the moon and its orbit (“Not even into another eternity, will you stop your lovely orbit”), highlights the infinite power love can have. And in tune with its spacey sound, lyrics “You be the moon, I’ll be the Earth” suggests our closeness with the universe around us, and how everything is tied together. The positive lyrics and up beat music really complement each other, making it such an addictive track to listen to.

Begin Again has me really excited to hear the rest of Another Eternity, and if it’s on par with Shrines then I think it will be an absolute knockout! So when March rolls around, keep your ears open for more spacey and dreamy hits these guys always succeed to deliver!