Purple Pilgrims shimmer with kaleidoscopic textures on Love in Lunacy (Saturn Return)

New Zealand-based duo Purple Pilgrims are taking us on an ethereal journey with Love in Lunacy (Saturn Return). This is the second offering from the dreamscape act’s sophomore release Perfumed Earth, and is an effective insight into the full length.

Love in Lunacy (Saturn Return) builds on what sisters Clementine and Valentine Nixon gave us with their debut record, Eternal Suffering. With a clearer head, the pair were able to deliver something more cohesive and true to their vision for the project. Taking the time to relaunch, the end result is as delightful as it is powerful.

Photo: Olivia Renouf

Purple Pilgrims shimmer with kaleidoscopic textures on Love in Lunacy (Saturn Return), the second single from the duo’s Flying Nun debut Perfumed Earth.

The stunning visual accompaniment was shot on Kodak Super 8 film by Gary War. The format gives the clip a haunting atmosphere that contrasts nicely with the ‘ebb and flow’ sonic feel that the Nixon sisters deliver.

Beautiful, aged textures blur the specifics of the video. You don’t know exactly what you’re looking at, but that just makes the video that much more entrancing, pulling you into the art with a gentle yet firm hand.

Purple Pilgrims will be taking Perfumed Earth on tour across Australia and New Zealand late August. Be sure to catch them while they’re in town with John Maus and their long-time collaborator Gary War.

Releasing this Friday (August 9th) via Flying Nun Records, Perfumed Earth includes the two singles Love in Lunacy (Saturn Return) and Two Worlds Apart. Check out the video for Love in Lunacy (Saturn Return) below.