Felicity Groom’s Backwards Forwards is a flourishing post-pop dreamscape

Felicity Groom ‘s ethereal vocals add an angelic, classic feel to her signature blend of multi-faceted indie pop that transports you to a glistening dreamland.

Groom has remained fairly quiet after the release of her last album, taking a “pregnant pause” to devote her time to raising her young family. Now, she has returned to bring us a new chapter; a new single and a visionary new project.

Felicity Groom takes you on a heavenly ride with her new single Backwards Forwards; a dreamy post-pop tune that glistens with kaleidoscopic textures.

Felicity Groom burst onto the Aussie music scene and into our hearts in 2011 with her debut album Glossamer, which positioned her as one of Perth’s most legendary indie-pop acts. She followed this popular album with the release of her 2014 album Hungry Sky, which highlighted her continuous growth as a musician, as well as her ability to adapt to an ever-changing musical environment.

Backwards and Forwards is the first taste of Groom’s forthcoming third album Magnetic Resonance Centre – a collection of some of her most daring explorations of pop to date.

The song is simultaneously catchy and complex, as it layers Felicity’s angelic, classic vocals with driving percussion and a catchy guitar hook. The track glistens with otherworldly beauty as it spirals through a flourishing post-pop dreamscape, as Groom sings about life and its complexities.

“There’s sounds of outside life woven into in this dream pop tune. The melody flew in the window of my car while driving from one thing to another,” Felicity says about how she came up with the melody. 

“Imagine cats in roller-skates. Life can sometimes feel like that. Then there’ll be that one little thing that makes the rest of the crap melt away with the effect of a reverse ice cream.  Driving is a big place for melodies to pop into my head… sometimes it’s a tad hard to capture them… and they fly out the window just as quickly as they flew in. This one I caught.”

Made in a little blue room in Felicity’s house, the forthcoming album Magnetic Resonance Centre was written throughout pregnancies and motherhood to her two daughters, with many writing and recording sessions being squeezed in between their daytime naps.

“It’s not easy making music with new babies. For one whole year, you’re so sleep deprived that you can’t think… let alone think creatively. I really got into the swing of things when my children both settled into long mid-day naps. I’d ignore all household chores and work like mad until they woke up. If you solo some of the tracks, you’ll hear the children in the background… playing and running down the hall. Some of those sounds I harnessed and turned into beats and percussive elements.”

Felicity Groom not only has a soaring ethereal voice, but she’s also a multi-instrumentalist and talented producer, putting this album together, for the most part, herself, with assistance lent by friends including Andrew Ryan, Michael Jelinek and Kevin Parker.

Magnetic Resonance Centre is set to be released sometime next month, and can be heard in full for the first time at Perth’s Freemantle Festival “10 Nights in Port” on the 13th of July at St. John’s Church, Freemantle WA. It will be part of a brand new live show, Galactagogue – a lush musical and cinematic experience.