Vladamir Putin expertly power-moved by Turkish president -

Vladamir Putin expertly power-moved by Turkish president

Watch Vladimir Putin awkwardly shuffle from side to side for 50 seconds as he waits for his meeting with the Turkish president.

Turkish president Recep Erdogan played the ultimate power move on Vladimir Putin, making his Russian counterpart stand in front of press for nearly a minute before he entered the room to meet with Putin.

Before his failed invasion of Ukraine, Putin was the one making other world leaders wait. But in recent months, experts have clocked a major dynamic shift towards the Russian president.

Putin Turkish President
Credit: Sergei Savostyanov, Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP

“Those 50 seconds that Erdogan made Putin wait, looking frazzled in-front of cameras say plenty of how much has changed after Ukraine,” said Joyce Karam, a senior correspondent for The National, a news website in the UAE.

Some are even speculating this is a cheeky dose of revenge, after Putin made Erdogan wait in front of camera for two whole minutes back in 2020.

Experience the awkwardness in it’s entirety below.

The meeting was teed up for the two presidents to discuss food shortages around the world, caused by a blockade in the Black Sea, preventing exports of Ukrainian grain.

After speaking with Erdogan and the president of Iran, Putin told reporters that in order to make a deal, the West would have to ease some of their restrictions on Russia.

“We will facilitate the export of Ukrainian grain, but we are proceeding from the fact that all restrictions related to possible deliveries for the export of Russian grain will be lifted,” he said.