Queen’s Brian May wants a redo of Live Aid, this time for climate change

Well team, humanity has fucked up the environment so much, we only have about 11 years before catastrophe. And a lot of our politicians aren’t taking it too seriously, mostly because they love coal more than they love securing the future for their children. If that doesn’t scare the living shit out of you then I don’t know what will.

But Queen have stepped up and proposed a resurgence of the iconic fundraising concerts, Live Aid, but this time, for the sake of the environment. And damn, if no one else is going to do anything, at least this is a something.


Brian May from Queen has suggested a new concert in the style of the iconic Live Aid to bring awareness to the plight of climate change.

Brian May, guitarist for Queen, has suggested the concert to raise awareness and money to battle climate change. Thirty-four years ago, the original Live Aid concerts took place at London’s Wembley Stadium and America’s John F. Kennedy Stadium. Over 1.9 billion people tuned in, and consequently raised £150 million in the process.

While the suggestion is not perfect, and definitely not a fix all solution, at least it’s a start.

“People have seen so many concerts since Live Aid purporting to be solving the problems of the world so it’s not quite as easy as it seems… It probably would take the younger generation to take that bull by the horns,” May explained.

“We’d help in any way we can but I think that’s what it would require.”

As they say, money talks. So maybe raising that kind of dosh would talk the world’s politicians into actually doing something to safeguard the future of humanity.

You can watch Queen’s incredible original Live Aid performance below.