Queens Of Club cleanse themselves in the downpour on Rain, a spellbinding new single featuring Evangeline

Sad goth girls Queens Of Club wrote a pop song … yep, the sad girl vibes always sneak through

It’s hard not to be swept up in the lush atmospherics and seductive rhythms of Rain, the new single from Melbourne duo Queens of Club.

Carried by hypnotic beats and sultry melodies, the sizzling cut opens with heavenly vocal harmonies that initially set the scene for ambient pop, but it isn’t long before Rain transforms into something more enrapturing.

queens of club rain interview happy mag

After a climactic opening of layered harmonies courtesy of guest vocalist Evangeline, the track veers towards electro-pop with a dissipating bass drop, glittery keys, and an EDM rhythm. All of it is wrapped up in the vocals, which are delivered in a whispery timbre that proves altogether transfixing.

On its surface, Rain is an engaging exercise in dance pop, with tropical electronic flairs and harmonies so ascendant they might just touch the heavens. 

But dig a little deeper and the track reveals unseen layers. There’s a seductive, almost witch-like darkness that underpins the production, from the subtle ahh ahh riffs that sound like a spell to the shimmering synth sections.

It’s within these complex flourishes that Rain shines, showcasing Queens Of Club’s mastery of dark-pop. 

A single like this is perhaps to be expected from a trio who describe their sound as “electro-pop-techo-witch-doof,” and whose surreal aesthetic and music videos feel pulled from a cult classic horror film.

Few acts can stretch pop to its dark extremities with such finesse, and Rain will have listeners revelling in those corners of themselves with a danceable rhythm to boot. 

Catch our full interview with Queens Of Club below, and listen to their new single Rain above.      

queens of club rain interview happy mag

Happy: Hey there, what are you up to today?

Queens of Club: Recovering from the weekend, my god it was hot down here. We went to Esoteric as I (Akaysha) was djing but we only went for 2 nights, we usually do the whole weekend but decided to bail early and avoid the heat. We took way too much stuff just in case we stayed so lots of unpacking, washing clothes etc and doing some prep for the Rain release. Managed to do a bit of art too.

Happy: Congrats on your new single, I don’t know what it is about the word rain, but it’s so perfect for a dance tune. Ephemeral, yet so present, it inspires a lot of good feelings.

Queens of Club: Thank you! We started this track like 7 years ago so it’s been a long time in the making and we are super excited to finally release this one :)

Happy: Tell us a little about where you live, what’s the scene like, and what do you love about it?

Queens of Club: We’re based in Melbourne which is a melting pot of creativity and diversity. We’re very lucky to live where we do with so much on our doorstep

Happy: What inspired the formation of Queens Of Club, and how did the three of you come together to create this unique musical project?

Queens of Club: We’ve all been making music individually and together for years so it happened very naturally. We wanted an outlet for more fun, electro pop vocal kind of stuff as Sal and I make pretty moody dark electronica in our solo projects (Ok Sure & Osopho).

We had a lot of songs lying around that didn’t really fit into where our solo stuff was going so we came up with Queens Of Club.

Hannah’s vibe has always been a bit more pop leaning so it all came together pretty well. We took songs we’d started individually years ago that were feeling a bit stagnant and all added our own touch to give them new life.

Each member brings a unique set of skills to the table that fuels the creative process.

Happy:  The band’s name suggests a sense of regality and unity. How does the concept of a “queendom” influence your creative process, and what does it represent for Queens Of Club?

Queens of Club: For us the “Queendom” is a loving space to express ourselves. We do all our own production, recording, songwriting, photo/video editing etc and self release so this is our world of creativity that we’re in control of.

Through our music and imagery we hope to empower femmes to be unapologetically themselves.

Happy: From songwriting and production to visuals, costumes, and choreography, the band seems involved in every aspect of its creation. How do you balance and collaborate on these different elements to bring forth a cohesive artistic vision?

Queens of Club: Balancing it all can be challenging which is why it takes us so long to finish anything.

Rain began as a piano piece Sal wrote years ago which then became this like organic deep house track which we were going to release under Ok Sure & Osopho, but after we formed Queens Of Club we felt it had some pop potential & it evolved into what you hear today.

I’m not sure we ever really start out with a cohesive vision, things evolve and take on a life of their own, and collaboration inspires completely new directions.

By leveraging each others strengths and talents we strive to bring our ideas to life in the most authentic way possible.

Happy: “Rain” is described as a captivating double entendre. Can you delve deeper into the symbolism behind the track.

Queens of Club: “Rain” as a track, in all its elements, symbolises emotional release. For us it speaks of cleansing and rejuvenation after longing.

Happy: The collaboration with Evangeline on “Rain” adds an extra layer to the track. How did this collaboration come about, and how do guest artists contribute to the overall sonic tapestry of Queens Of Club’s music?

Queens of Club: Akaysha has collaborated with Evie on numerous projects over the years, she featured on her album and she’s done remixes for her so when we were looking for a singer she was an obvious choice. We all did have a go at singing it but we couldn’t compare to what she brought to the table with this track.

Happy: The track is described as transporting listeners through a whirlwind of sensations. How do you go about creating an immersive soundscape?

Queens of Club: The track started as a simple, bittersweet piano piece, recorded on a rainy night. As the track morphed into electro-pop, that tinge of bittersweet carried through and the rain theme naturally followed suit.

Happy:  “Rain” is said to mirror the longing for intimacy after a night of revelry. How did this idea influence your songwriting, and what emotions do you aim to evoke in your audience?

Queens of Club: We explore escapism and emotional range in our music. We like our sounds to try and defy gravity, to break out of reality. That idea of seeking release in connection after a late one, that’s a memory. Perhaps you’ve been there.

Happy: Beneath the shimmering surface of “Rain” lies a darker complexity, revealing the group’s moonlit, ethereal essence. Can you elaborate on the duality present in your music and the balance between light and dark themes?

Queens of Club: We’re sad goth girls and we wrote a pop song. The sad girl vibes always sneak through.

Happy:  As a Melbourne-based act, how has the local music scene influenced the evolution of Queens Of Club, and what do you hope to contribute to the broader music landscape with your unique blend of pop-techno-witch-doof?

Queens of Club: Melbourne is a splendid caldron of witchy, wonky individuals that constantly inspire us. We want to foster a space for all to play in the Queendom.

Happy: Lastly, what makes you happy?

Queens of Club:  Dancing in the mud.