Queenslanders will never have to taint their eyes with Wicked Campers again thanks to a new law

Yesterday the Queensland State Government passed a bill allowing the Department of Transport to tear apart the registration papers of any vehicle displaying ‘offensive’ advertising.

While not targeted directly at the contentious Wicked camper vans, this basically spells the end of the company’s presence in the state of Queensland. A non-offensive Wicked camper is like seeing a white whale.

wicked campers queensland government

Queensland has said a big fat ‘No’ to Wicked Campers, announcing a new law against offensive advertising on registered vehicles.

Last year Splendour in the Grass announced that they would have no time for these racist, sexist, piece of shit hire vans that were somehow popular on young Aussie road trips.

The state of Queensland has done well to follow suit. Frankly it’s unbelievable that shit like this still exists, and the fact that this is a state wide law will mean that Wicked Campers aren’t the only perpetrators of hate speech that suffer.

That’s right, Queenslanders will no longer feel the need to scrub their eyeballs clean after witnessing the mind-numbing stupidity of slogans such as “It’s better to be black than gay, cos you don’t have to tell your parents!” or “Get out ya tits & we’ll call it quits.”


On ya, Queensland. Let’s hope the rest of the country follows.

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