Rain or Shine, Young Fathers Are Brilliant

Well folks Young Fathers are back! Prep the dance floors, prime the speakers and get ready to feel the rhythmic base beats vibrating in your chest.

Young Fathers

With rhythms so heavily entrenched in bass and wielding incredibly potent lyrical poetry, Young Fathers prove their Mercury Prize win was no fluke.

The head bopping art-rap threesome came up on the radar last November after they had just beaten FKA Twigs to take out the prestigious Mercury Prize for their debut album Dead. Returning to our speakers with the first track Rain or Shine off their puzzling yet comically named LP, White Men are Black Men Too, Young Fathers continue to demonstrate why they are quickly becoming kings in their genre.

A fast paced beat is set with the an opening of vintage sounding keyboard chords which are quickly supported by definitive and decisive drumming. A base heavy rhythm draws the listener in and Young Father´s signature poetry like rapping ensnares them, trapping the listener in their bouncing web. Their skilful lyrical style weaves over and around the music and changes from melodic singing to soulful rapping finishing off with chorused chanting filling your ears to the brim and leaving you with soulful, pulsating echoes of their chaos.

Kayus´s beautifully delicate and tonal voice introduces the themes of life and death – his Tracy Chapman meets Frank Ocean sound juxtaposes the heavy base line and immediately hooks the listener. Continuing to keep you on your dancing toes Massaquoi´s deep voice centres the song providing a clear focal point and kicking off the verse. With a sound and rap style reminiscent of Andre 3000, he comes across as both completely laid back yet passionately involved in the social issues he is trying to communicate and make relevant. The music itself is typically rhythm heavy and relentless, it´s a three minute and forty nine second high energy explosion with musical shrapnel flying right at you, however with no collateral damage this track is an absolute Winne (eesh sorry about that one).

White Men are Black Men Too is set to drop on April the 7th through the label Big Dada so keep your eyes peeled. Until then have a wonder through their Soundcloud and revisit their tape, Soundtrack to Babylon, it´s a fifty-five minute mix that will get you appropriately amped for the big release in April.



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