Randa- Rangers

Straight out of Middle Earth explodes Randa, a young rapper who has been turning plenty of heads with their cheeky, yet insightful limericks. The 21 year old New Zealand native has been freestyling since the age of 16 and at 18 began making music in their bedroom. Randa’s new track Rangers shows those years haven’t been for nothing.


Randa is a slick storyteller with a lot to say- poeticism meets popular culture. Get your hands on some playful beats and synths to get you in the groove.

From the get-go his latest track Rangers catches you off guard, the bouncy synths hailing that it is indeed party time. Reminiscent of the Super Mario theme, the synths are characterised by a swelling nature that simultaneously punch their way through any silence. Don’t be surprised to find your body compelled to dance on its own upon giving this track a first listen. Quite frankly Randa is the puppet master pulling at your strings to make you dance.  The beat is quite simple, which works well as it allows the those gem synth parts to spread their wings.

But the real heavy lifting on Rangers is Randa’s rapping. The opening lines ooze plenty of confidence: “One of them said Lars/ You a teen heartthrob/ Make my baby faint/ Make a tween’s heart stop”. You can’t help but chuckle at lines like this. Yes, it is possible Randa is taking the piss with the culture of online fangirls, or perhaps they are simply embracing their rapid rise in popularity. For all you Harry Potter nuts pout there you’ll definitely appreciate his shout out to Hogwarts’ most underrated Gryffindor, “Talk talk, hater you’re not on my level/ Not pure blood wizard/ Rap game Neville/ Rap game awesome”.

The references are overflowing, but not in a way that hinders the story. In fact, each of these references are cleverly used to craft Randa’s story on Rangers, a story of identity and growing up. This is helped by Randa’s solid delivery as the verses are spat out with plenty of confidence and passion.

Rangers sits comfortably within Randa’s small yet growing back catalogue, so if you enjoy the latest offering form this young Kiwi check out their Summer Camp EP.

If Randa keeps dropping beats like this chances are Australia will adopt them as an honorary Aussie like we did with old mate Phar Lap.