Rare shots of Kate Bush, as captured by her brother

Here’s Kate Bush through the lens of her brother. ‘Kate: Inside the Rainbow’ is a photography book any fan would love to get their hands on.

It was now over 40 years ago that Kate Bush came into the world’s consciousness with Wuthering Heights, and since then she’s moved firmly into icon territory for her music, her style, and a somewhat reclusive stance when it comes to her personal life.

A photo book titled Kate: Inside the Rainbow contains a swathe of shots taken by her brother, John Carder Bush, are among the finest Kate Bush images ever taken.

kate bush John Carder Bush Kate: Inside the Rainbow
All photos: John Carder Bush

John has been taking pictures of Kate since she was just six years old, meaning his book covers her life in full; from before her break to her rise as a global pop icon. It’s hard to get closer to someone than through their sibling, so you can bet this is an insider’s peek at in its most honest form.

It doesn’t hurt that the shots themselves are beautiful. Check out some of the Kate Bush photos below, and head to Another Mag to read an interview with John Carder Bush.

Kate: Inside the Rainbow is available now via online book retailers.

Kate BushKate BushKate Bush

Kate: Inside the Rainbow is out now.

50 in words, aka 50 Words for Snow, Kate Bush’s last recorded album released on 21 November 2011, is well worth checking out, you can listen here.