Ratatat have dropped a new track called Cream On Crome

If your intense envy for those partying at Coachella this weekend is already at breaking point, we are about to tip you over the edge. New York experimental rockers Ratatat premiered a brand new track during their set over the weekend, and damn, it’s good.

Ratatat news

Thankfully the duo are sympathetic to those weeping over the Coachella live stream from their bedrooms and have released Cream On Crome to the public as well. It’s classic Ratatat; hypnotic funk and electronica goodness with that signature electric guitar sliding all over the place. Check it out below.

The song is the first we have heard from the band in almost five years and is a taste from a new album which is due out sometime this Winter. It will be their fifth studio LP and will be released on XL Recordings.