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Read Wes Anderson’s picks for what to watch while self-isolating

Who better to curate your list of weekend viewing than the king of arthouse film himself? Filmmaker Wes Anderson has penned a letter to independent streaming service The Criterion Channel, detailing the titles he’s been diving into during social distancing.

Anderson’s list contains a mix of new discoveries to longtime favourites, perfect for anyone who is slowly running out of shows on Netflix.

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty

Already tired of Netflix? Arthouse auteur Wes Anderson has shared the films he’s been loving during self-isolation, including Les misérables and The Out-of-Towners. 

“Director Wes Anderson writes us occasional letters to let us know what he’s been enjoying,” Criterion wrote in a recent newsletter, that continues to include the filmmaker’s note.

So the moment of truth, we all want to know. What has Wes Anderson been binging?

“Dear Criterion friends,” he writes, “I’ve been streaming and Blu-raying Criterion movies every day and just wanted to mention: Raymond Bernard! Anne-Marie written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry? I’d never heard of it.”

Anderson is referencing the 1936 drama, which tells the story of an aspiring young pilot called Anne-Marie. He is also noting Bernard’s 1934 adaption of Les misérables, which is refers to as “a masterpiece”.

“I had never watched Arthur Hiller’s The Out-of-Towners before, either,” Anderson continues. “It is a great time machine, that one. Revisiting Louis Malle documentaries too. Especially …And the Pursuit of Happiness. How many times will I re-watch (Jane Campion’s 1990 drama film) An Angel at My Table?”

“What are you watching? How fortunate we are to have this Louvre of movies at our fingertips!” Anderson concludes.

The Criterion Collection is a project dedicated to restoring classic and contemporary films and making them available as a DVD or to stream on the Criterion Channel. Criterion boasts an extraordinary catalogue of films to browse and buy online, which Anderson is very obviously a fan of.

Anderson’s highly anticipated upcoming film The French Dispatch is set to hit cinemas in July. In the meantime, you’ve got all of his filmography and this catalogue of recommendations by the man himself to keep you busy.