“Ready to rage”: a chat with Benson before his final show of the year

Benson has been a consistent force in the Aussie dance scene for years now, smashing out single after chart-busting single, lighting up floors wherever he treads. 2019 has been no different, but the Melbourne-based DJ and producer has treated this year to a particularly strong finish, releasing a killer new track named Ride Tonight featuring KLP.

This Saturday night he plays his final show of 2019 at Goros in Sydney, a bar intent on wrapping up their year with a big one. Before that festive little happening, we sat down for a catch-up.

benson interview ride tonight
Photo: ‘Ride Tonight’ cover art

What does Benson have on the cards for 2020? Before he plays his final show of the year in Sydney, catch up with Melbourne’s late night renegade.

HAPPY: Hey, how are things? What are you up to at the moment?

BENSON: Things are good! Currently on a flight to Perth. No screaming babies which is a good vibe!

HAPPY: What did you have in mind when you were writing Ride Tonight?

BENSON: Something different and bopping, windows down at night type vibe.

HAPPY: Was there a piece of the puzzle you started with?

BENSON: I just started with the acid-type baseline and built the song around it!

HAPPY: And when did KLP come into the picture?

BENSON: She actually recorded the vocals for another song, but I thought I’d ditch the tune and build a new song around her vox.

HAPPY: It’s been singles and remix packages for you so far, do you ever entertain the idea of a longer release? What would that look like to you?

BENSON: Yeah for sure, I’m working on an EP which will drop next yeah, really keen to drop a body of work all at once.

HAPPY: How would you say your style has developed over time?

BENSON: Trial and error. At the moment I’m really comfortable with the sound I’m pushing, comes easy and naturally.

HAPPY: In a few weeks you’re playing Goros, it’s their last night before they close shop for the holidays. Planning to cause some damage?

BENSON: Ready to rage baby! Got a few new ones to test out, cannot wait!

HAPPY: On a serious note, do you find those are the nights that go off a little harder? When there’s a good excuse for the party?

BENSON: Always! Although every Saturday night is a good excuse for a party in my books.

HAPPY: What are some standout moments from your 2019, behind the decks or otherwise?

BENSON: Hometown shows are always dope, 170 Russell in Melbourne was a vibe, but I feel like any night in Sydney is a bloody good time.

HAPPY: And what’s on the cards come 2020?

BENSON: Heaps of new music, lots of touring, and lots of good times. Cannot wait.


Find out more and RSVP to the Goros Closing Party, Sayonara 2019, here. Goros won’t be open again until January 3rd, 2020, so you won’t wanna miss this.

Sat 21 Dec – Sayonara 2019 feat. Benson – Details